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Free Webinar: Moving Maths Teaching Online

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The Canterbury Mathematical Association host regular professional development events for Maths teachers in the Canterbury area. They invited me to share with them for a Facebook Live event to support teachers moving to online learning as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Just before the NZ COVID-19 lockdown began on Wednesday 25th March, I sat down with CMA past president Jane Gray to pre-record a presentation. We had a chat about our thoughts on moving Maths teaching online in the context of school closures, best practice, wellbeing, and some practical suggestions.

This Facebook Live event is a combination of that pre-recorded session, live chat throughout, and a live segment where I show some practical activity ideas while screen-sharing.

The video was originally hosted as a Facebook Live event on the CMA Facebook page, and is reposted here with permission. You can check out the original post to see (and join) the chat.


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